Harm Reduction Programs

Wind Horse Project now sponsors an emergency children's home and drug rehabilitation center which is called SAFFA House as a part of our Himalayan and Child Outreach program. The home is located in a therapeutic country setting in Mulpani near Kathmandu and is staffed by three qualified counsellors and rehabilitation support workers. We opened this home in December of 2014 to reach out to Tibetan and Himalayan homeless children.

In addition to providing sponsorships for elder care and impoverished Tibetans The Himalayan Street Child outreach project has seen great success in both 2012 and 2013! We are currently able to provide health care emergency services, healthy meals, relocation and rehabilitation options as well as study scholarships for many needy children. Our social workers are active in the field for conflict resolution, emergency assistance and transportation to shelters five days a week. Dedicated volunteers have been involved in facilitation sports activities, birthday parties, clothing drives and supervising outings to the movies and swimming as well.

A large part of our involvement supports children's medical expenses when they need to be hospitalized and assisted with 24 hour bedside care from our staff. In Nepal it is crucial and expected that every patient have an independent caregiver or family member available to provide meals, purchase medicines and be there for support of the ill.

The situation with abandoned and sick children abusing drugs on the street in Nepal is epidemic. Many of them are trying to escape troubled or alcoholic parents or other family members or have been rejected from their own families due to having HIV, hepatitis, leprosy or other illnesses or disabilities. Among the uneducated population many families are not aware of how diseases are contracted or transmitted and are not aware of how to manage a child with a disability.

If it is the case that the child has been sent away from the home to beg on the street then once he child is placed into a safe shelter, it is crucial that communication be initiated with the family to inform them of alternative options for assistance should they be unable to provide for their own child.

The other major issues on the street are gangs, violence and self harming or mutilation. It is for this reason that Wind Horse Project focuses on friendly harm reduction, education and outreach right on the street so that the children, especially the young and the vulnerable know that they have someone to reach out to in times of need.

For those children who are ready and willing to enter a rehabilitation program for drug abuse or who wish to relocate to a hostel with the option for school or protection from gangs we work with several organizations in Chitwan and the Kathmandu Valley to arrange for their care and sponsorship if needed.

We see a great ethic diversity of kids being assisted by this project from Tibetans to Sherpas, ethnic Gurung, Newar and many others.

Due to political chaos and economic difficulty many trafficked or abandoned children struggle to survive on the street in Kathmandu without proper care or protection. Our help is so important to them. Please consider giving what you can. Your help is greatly appreciated and has helped the lives of many already!

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